Palate Cleanser: Don’t Catch a Cold, or a Novel

Monty Python at their best.


Bless you.

What are we up to this week? Well, we’ve got some fantastic reviews coming your way in a very short amount of time. In the meanwhile, apréz-vous.


You are what you read, sort of like what you eat. Here’s a great infographic on people who are famous and what they’d read.

You excited for Murakami’s new novel? Yes, yes you are.

Want a special effects in your e-books? Here’s a program that’ll do it for you!


Is your story ready to submit? Think again, a great flowchart from Bartleby Snopes.

It is super odd not seeing a lot of people reading The Read Eye on the El every morning. Digital is taking over the early commute.

A great little roundup from Word Riot on “The Process of Publishing and Writing.”

Main Course:

The hard hitting truth of one author’s journey through publishing his novels. Russell Rowland’s “Solidly Mid-List” from The Rumpus.

Story Magazine is now back in action! Taking home at York College of Pennsylvania, it is back up to run.

Wow, Amazon. Way to earn absolutely nothing. The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon’s yearly income of $108 million buckaroonies is “skimpy.” Who could pay off their student loans with that? A lot of us.

As we’re a good portion into the year of Reading Women, here’s a look into what we categorize as “Women’s Fiction” and where they’re compared to men in the world of published books.


One of those stories where the dog dies.

Author of Don Quixote has a missing coffin, oh my!

Oh wow, here’s a list of must-read books from Amazon editors. Fire away.