More Sun

More Sun

Once we hit the midway mark of the semester, I usually begin to lose myself. Midterms happen, and it’s go, go, go! It’s easy to slip and spiral downwards. It’s important to check-in with yourself, especially when life picks up.  

I struggled a lot last semester, so if you’re in this position right now, I feel for you. My biggest struggle was knowing what to do to help myself but being in such a low place that I couldn’t do those things. Over Winter break, I started adding smaller habits and building from there. Don’t get me wrong, many days are still a struggle, but being more conscious and intentional helps me the most.  

I think the halfway point of the semester is a good time to reflect on how the first half of the semester went. How have you been feeling? What habits have you been keeping up with? Which habits have worked well for you? Which habits would you like to improve upon? Is there something you can implement to help you feel and do better? 

While the semester is starting to intensify, my favorite part about the Spring semester is that the days get longer, and we get more and more sun. That’s what I hold on to. Hopefully you’ll reference our other articles this week for self-care tips and helpful resources.  

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