Fall 2019 Practicum: Dead Man’s Hand

Fall 2019 Practicum: Dead Man’s Hand

Major: Cinema Science & Art.

Graduation Date: May 17th, 2020.

Hometown: Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

“My name is Morgan A. Hammen. I’ve been a student at Columbia College Chicago since the Fall of 2017. I am graduating this May. I’ve been studying Cinema Directing with some additional studies in Sound Engineering and work as a DEPS Events Technician. Last semester, I was enrolled in Advanced Practicum as the Director of Dead Man’s Hand. This will hopefully premiere in May as Manifest moves to being virtual. Recently, we’ve been picture-locked and are moving into the more final steps of post-production. We’ve gone through score drafts with our composer and will get more information of other departments in the coming weeks. I was lucky enough to start work on some professional shows last summer. Working as a Production Assistant on Amazon Prime’s, Utopia, which led me to work on Empire and some Dick Wolf shows. I also worked as a Production Assistant on other Chicago based TV series, and I was staffed on Shameless as the 1st team PA during pick-ups. This meant I was in charge of the cast which is super fun. As an aspiring director, I love to work with actors. More recently, I found work on All Rise with CBS and David Fincher’s newest film Mank on which I got to work with Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried. Hopefully, when in LA again, I’ll continue to find work as a PA. I got my job as an AV Technician with DEPS because I was eager to learn more about sound. Having sound engineering as my second discipline, it provided me an excellent opportunity to get some real hands-on experience while getting paid. It was an amazing job to have while in school. The department is composed of so many wonderful people who are not only supportive of their staff, but also understanding of their staff being students. I couldn’t have asked for a better work environment. And how fun is it to get paid to attend concerts, panel discussion, comic-cons, etc? I learned so much technically, but also grew interpersonally and professionally.”

See the new trailer for “Dead Man’s Hand” here.