Review: YOU

Review: YOU

YOU Season 2 led us into the new year with the desire to be single forever and ever. The hit Netflix show explores the life of sometimes serial killer Joe Goldberg as he sets his sights on a woman he likes, and goes in for the kill (most times literally). Season 1 showed his relationship with Beck but when that relationship didn’t go as planned, an ex of Joes shows up planning to expose his wrongdoings and he panics and moves to the lovely city of  Los Angeles to avoid her. And that’s where we start in season 2.

There’s nothing worse than having morally bad characters in a show be the ones you root for. It honestly tears you apart a little bit. Played by Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley, Joe is exactly that character. Badgley’s acting makes Joe seem like a misunderstood sensitive man who just murders sometimes and somehow as an audience member you fall for it, make no mistake though, even Badgley constantly reminds fans that Joe is a BAD PERSON. In season 2, our main actress is Love Quinn played by Haunting of Hill House alum Victoria Pedretti. Quinn is a chef who is equally as interested in Joe as he is in her, and as the season progresses you learn that Joe and Love have a lot more in common than you think. Victoria Pedretti’s acting is natural normally, but since she plays such a peculiar character in this post-modern show, the audience could feel eerie just looking at her character. There is so much emotion and inner conflict within the character that the audience can practically feel it, and it makes the show that much creepier. Which, I guess is a good thing, because that’s what you’re supposed to feel.

Other cast members for YOU season 2 include: Ambyr Childers (Joe’s ex Candace), James Scully (Love’s brother Forty…yes you read that right, their parents named them Forty and Love), Jenna Ortega (spunky teen Ellie), and Carmela Zumbado (landlord who takes no BS, Delilah). This cast’s combined characters makes for a very entertaining season and one that pulls you i a couple of different directions. The second season of this show really stepped it up, the was more drama, more problems, more stakes, and more murder.

The plot for this season really spread itself out, and at times as an audience member you find yourself thinking about multiple problems that could arise all at once. The show as a whole is very well thought out though I might add, the writing (although super cringey at times) is accurate in depicting everyday people with everyday lives.

If you haven’t binged it already and actually have some self control, you should check it out.

Rating: 9/10