Review: Fall Comfort Food

Review: Fall Comfort Food

It’s no surprise that when in college, most of your money goes towards food so why not make something worthwhile? Here are a few unconventional fall comfort foods that will satisfy your stay at home needs.

(Vegetarian options included)

Two of these options are dinner oriented, while the other two are dessert oriented, let’s explore dinner first (as mother always told us, no dinner=no dessert)

The first is a cool Maple Ginger Chicken recipe, it sounds like little much, but it’s easy to make and prepare. The full instruction on how to prepare this dish will be provided in this link:

This dish is nice, because it blends the well loved flavors of fall with the contrast of sweet and savory. Give it a try!

Next, is a super easy Toasted Garlic Butter Ravioli recipe, and just the sight of it will make your stomach grumble i’m sure. Full instructions are here:

This dish is a vegetarian one, and it’s one that you probably won’t want to share with your roommates because it’s that good.

One word: nutella. Anything having to do with that word just makes people’s ears perk up, so let’s add it to the list! Nutella Stuffed French Toast is the definitely way to go for fall comfort. Here are the instructions (it’s super easy):

Is there even a need to persuade you to try this? Didn’t think so.

Lastly, Pumpkin Kiss Cookies. These are such a cute idea and they have such a familiar shape that just floods the mind with childhood memories. The recipe is here:

Try it out! I mean come on, pumpkin AND Hershey’s Kisses? A perfect match.

These recipes were not created by Columbia College Chicago, all rightful owners can be found through the links above!