Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween Costume Ideas!

From Witches, to ladybugs, we’ve seen it all on Halloween. Read about a couple of eclectic costumes to think about and spice up your spooky factor here.

  • Tippi Hedren in The Birds. This look is surprisingly easy to accomplish. The iconic character of Melanie Daniels (Hedren’s character) is known for her scene in which she gets attacked mercilessly by crows in the bedroom. Here’s how to achieve the look: thrift a 60’s outfit. A nice tweed jacket and long skirt will do just fine! And don’t forget the plain black flats to match. Next, grab a short blonde wig, preferably with bangs. Go out and get some black birds, you could get some of those fake doves and just spray paint them black, but that’s up to you. Hot glue them to your outfit in different positions, slap on some dabbles of fake blood and BOOM! Congratulations, you are now the most iconic person at that Halloween party.


  • Bob Ross. Who doesn’t love Bob Ross, right? You can be just as loved if you go as him for Halloween. First, get a plain white or blue button down shirt ( make sure to roll the sleeves up to your elbows). Pair that with some plain blue jeans and a brown belt. Tuck in the shirt while your at it. Grab a brown curly wig and a stick on beard for his standout features. Pick up a paint palette and splash some colors on there. Get a paint brush too because, well, you’re trying to be Bob Ross aren’t you? BOOM! That’s the whole look.


  • Eleven from Stranger Things. This one has been done many times since the series took off, but we’ve got the details on how to achieve the look of her Eggo Waffles loving self. Get a plain pale pink dress. Throw a collared shirt under it to get the “collared peplum” look. Grab your white chucks (that are probably haven’t been washed, ever) from out of the closet and pair them with some cheesy tube socks rolled down to your ankles. The last touch is to add a janky blonde wig, literally any wig will work. Oh! Don’t forget the 2 or 3 boxes of frozen eggo waffles to carry around!


  • Waldo or Wanda. You’ll be hard to find with this one. It’s the easiest on this list though, so give it a try. All you need is a red striped sweater (preferably thick stripes) and a hat to match. Pair these with some plain blue jeans and there you go! With this costume you can hide in plain sight with no problem.