Photographer James Vitullo

Photographer James Vitullo

My name is Jimmy.  I am a professional, published, award-winning freelance photographer and Columbia College Chicago student who shoots commercial, portrait, fine art, wedding, and event aspects.  Being a self-taught artist since eight years of age, immersing myself in this field only impacted my career with positivity. Beginning as an artist where my style was only known by family and a limited amount of friends, this expanded to an array of people through connections of friends and also people in professional fields.  I enjoy capturing the world and the beauty it holds and shares with the inhabitants present.

“Anything is a Photograph.”  This is a motto developed from my aspiring career that turned into a feasible, potential business.  My work is all over the board, including the living and inanimate, animal and portrait, urban and natural.  I specialize in candid aspects as well as in-the-moment captures.  Wherever I am, I end up with a composition worth visualizing behind the lens of my Nikon.  My mind conjures up ideas that conform to the situation at hand, such as angle, framing, and potential post-processing outcomes. ​

Portraiture, nature, and architecture are some of the kinds of photographs I capture.  Editing is just as enjoyable as capturing them.  I share my work all the time on Facebook and Instagram; I smile with every comment and “like” I receive.  I have kept comments from friends and family in my mind in order to figure out my photographic style.  One that stood out to me was that balance is evident in almost every photo:  one part is dark and the other is light; one side is busy and the other is peaceful.

My philosophy about photography is that if you are a true photographer, you are a person who admires the little things in life.

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