3 Takes in 3 Minutes—Jake DOnofrio + Jacob Swartz

Jake DOnofrio (BA ’15) and Jacob Swartz (BA ’15) are the Post force behind FrameWork—a video opportunity for graduating students in Cinema Art + Science to share their story and work. They organized, edited and conformed 66 FrameWork interviews during the 2014-2015 academic year.

When they have a spare moment, DOnofrio freelances with his production company Wall Bug Films in addition to working as a solo musician and Swartz is interning at Whitehouse Post, training for the Chicago Marathon and cheering on the Cubs.

DOnofrio is heading to LA in July while Swartz is sticking around and working as an assistant editor at a post-production house in Chicago.


DONOFRIO: Jacob started on FrameWork first over Christmas break and began laying the “framework” for the semester. He reallyTwo Jakes with Eraser helped me start up in an organized environment. He is one of the stronger editors I know who works great under pressure. This gives me inspiration to move past stressful situations in preparation for the real world.

SWARTZ: I am so lucky to have Jake as co-post supervisor. I was nervous about starting this project at the beginning, but when I learned Jake was going to be attached to help, I had one of those “everything is going to be alright” feelings. Jake has tons of outside experience that proved invaluable with his ability to cultivate creative solutions to problems.


DONOFRIO: Collaboration is the ability to be on top of everything that happens in the process of putting a FrameWork together. We were able to construct a board and track progress through check marks and stamps. Jacob and I are constantly in and out of the office at different times, so it is important to have a structured, organized system so neither of us backtracks and loses our place. Together with Jacob’s confidence and my ability to work quickly under pressure, we have been able to successfully edit, composite and finish 66 Framework interviews.

College 5-13-15

SWARTZ: Our schedules were almost exactly opposite of one another, so communication was key and, thankfully, we worked extremely well together. We would constantly be in contact with one another telling what had been done that day and needed to be done the next. We also worked well together because where one might lack in an area, the other would shine. I was constantly having him check my cuts and offer his advice. In this way we were able to help one another learn and grow as editors. Jake also taught me so much about the technical side—I feel that I am now a much better editor because of him.


DONOFRIO: With FrameWork there is no failure and like the industry we are heading into, this job makes college seem like real life. FrameWork has given both Jacob and me the skills and tools needed to be able to excel in an industry driven by fast turn aroundCollaboration 5-13-15 and constant workflow errors. We always joked about how we may be the first to fail, but we held strong and it is true that the skills you learn and the friends you make in college will be the things you hold onto for the rest of your lifelong career.

SWARTZ: I remember Jake and I staring at the empty board at the beginning of the semester feeling like finishing cuts would be impossible, but with the constant encouragement of Jake and supervision of Charles Celander, we were able to complete a seemingly impossible task. FrameWork gave us many skills, both technical and creative, but I think it also taught us to be leaders. We were supervising over 25 editors at any given time and some were very new to editing. Learning patience and ability to impart what we know is one of the most valuable and rewarding things we can take away. We are very pleased with the outcome of a very successful year of FrameWork.