The Advanced Practicum Experience

The Advanced Practicum Experience

Advanced Practicum is much more than a class, but an experience. I learned by doing and putting in as much work as possible. To be honest, producing a Practicum is beyond stressful and some of your hair might fall out, but the stress is worth it because of the amount of knowledge you gain.Practicum Screening

Another part of Practicum not mentioned in the course description is the friends you make. I made some of my best friends from working on projects and also developed many professional relationships with other students and faculty. I learned three very important things from Practicum. One is to keep your crew happy—the happier your crew is, the more effort and creative passion they put out. The second is that true creativity is found when obstacles are overcome. Lastly, I learned that collaboration is key not only in the film industry but also in life and I’ve applied it to every project I’ve worked on from being a Producer to being a PA.

Philip Alvy (BA ’15)

A Screening of Advanced Practicum Films at Manifest 2015

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