Minds of Winter features Editor Victoria Sanz and Issue no. 27 Contributors

It may have felt more like March spring weather than hunker-down-with-hot-chocolate-and-Wallace-Stevens weather for the Department of Creative Writing’s 9th annual Minds of Winter poetry reading, but the work of the four undergraduate and graduate students who read celebrated the madness which sets in around winter with the madness of poetry.

This year the Columbia College Chicago reading featured two continuing students and two graduating students. Undergraduate student Angelo Ligori welcomed us into the space by drawing us to “strange, child-like attractions.” Look for more of his work in the upcoming CPR Issue No. 27.

Graduate Andre Price’s poetry is politically charged, asking us to see things as they really are while portraying them as we have never before seen them. “Be offended or entertained,” he says. “Rumor has it there is no I, just the passing passing passing” and the “sprouting panic in the hallways of mathematical philosophy.” Hear his poem below, and more here.

The reading was a send off for Victoria Sanz, an Editor for CPR, contributor to Issue No. 26 and graduating student. Victoria writes of the madness of love, “overrun by amber ant colonies.” “Children on distant planets are probably having the same experiences,” she says, mixing humor with sobering insight: “It means sanity later, means divorcing yourself.” Listen to her below.

The graduate program also said farewell to Andrew Ruzkowski, whose poetry evokes the sometimes harshness of the city mixed with surprising moments of life and dailyness and space. Andrew knows how to bring his reader into his present, even when his thoughts on the present evolve and circle back. “This can’t be known, most likely,” he says. “So a trip to the grocery store seems calming.” Andrew’s work appeared in Issue no. 25 and we are excited to have him again in Issue no. 27. You can also check out his chapbook, A Shape and Sound, here.

-Abigail Zimmer