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headshot for Erin Glasco

Erin Glasco

Erin Glasco (BS/MBA, Florida A&M University) is pursuing her MS in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois.

Erin’s areas of interest include: critical race theory, archives, documenting activist movements, and radical librarianship.

Current project: Erin is developing an exhibit that showcases the FBI’s surveillance files on Paul Robeson, which are held at the CBMR. This exhibit will juxtapose the government surveillance techniques used to undermine the activism (and career) of Robeson during the height of the Red Scare in the United States with the myriad types of government surveillance currently used to interrupt or undermine movements for justice, like Black Lives Matter.

Headshot for Tayler Williams

Tayler Williams

Tayler Williams (BA, Columbia College Chicago) is currently employed at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

Tayler’s areas of interest include: social justice, documenting the lived day-to-day experience of black people.

Current project: Tayler is documenting the history of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color), Queer, and trans punk for an introspective essay.

Headshot for Jenna PRZYBYSZ

Jenna Przybysz

Jenna Przybysz is a senior at DePaul University finishing degrees in Jazz Studies and African and Black Diaspora Studies.

Jenna’s areas of interest include: jazz and Islam, gender and jazz, religion and jazz, music of the African diaspora, jazz and race.

Current project: Jenna is consulting the resources at the CBMR to write an essay on black women composers in revolutionary times with an emphasis on Mary Lou Williams. On February 25th, she is performing at the CBMR as part of the monthly Jazz Initiative project.

BOYER, Crystalyn Snow

Crystalyn Snow Boyer

Crystalyn Snow Boyer (BM/ BME, University of Cincinnati) is a second-year master’s student at DePaul University School of Music studying piano performance.

Crystalyn’s areas of interest include: world music pedagogy for K-8 classroom settings, kwela music.

Current project: Crystalyn is examining methods by which kwela music (Malawi/southern Africa) can be incorporated into primary school music curricula. She is also completing a set of lesson plans on kwela that will be made available to music teachers.

Headshot of Ireashia MONET

Ireashia Monét

Ireashia Monét (BA, Columbia College Chicago) moves between Jamaica and South Carolina, with occasional visits to Chicago.

Ireashia’s areas of interest include: Black World Studies, Photography, Visual Art, Art Criticism and Curatorial Studies.

Current project: Ireashia is working on a photography and oral history project based in Bluefields, Jamaica, that explores the intersection of society and culture as conveyed through the lived experiences of local, long-term residents.


Melanie Zeck (MM, Northwestern University/MLIS, Dominican University) is the Research Assistant at the Center for Black Music Research. Since 2014, she has cultivated a collaborative research program through which current students and recent graduates engage with the CBMR’s archival materials in order to produce original research. As part of the program, she hosts informational sessions and mini-classes on a wide variety of topics that are integral to black music research, including: issues in African languages and transcription, database research strategies, and trans-Atlantic history (pre-1900), among others. The resultant creative or documentary work of each research program member will be showcased in 2016 on the CBMR’s new online platform: CrossTalk.

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