Protest Music and Black Lives Matter

"The only hope we have is in standing together against an unjust, inequitable system."

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It is quite important to note that Freedom Songs have graduated from the traditional vein of Gospel and Blues of our ancestors into a polymorphous concept that ranges from the likes of dead prez to Immortal Technique to D’Angelo (and everything else in-between).  Although the packaging may be different, this concept continues with the Austin based punk band BLXPLTN, who as a band personally expands on their iteration of Freedom Songs for the increasingly critical new wave of music for the preservation of Black lives.

“There is a tangible shift when one realizes he or she is not alone. For us, stories of police brutality, institutional injustice and inherent racism aren’t just something to glance over in the news feed; this is every day of our lives. The boot that pushes down on your back is the same boot that pushes down on ours. The only hope we have is in standing together against an unjust, inequitable system. Perhaps that’s why the music of rebellion touches us in a different way. The dismantling and reimagining of these systems takes bodies. Bodies organizing, bodies marching, bodies put in harm’s way. This frenzy of protest parallels the organized chaos of a punk show. The black body is a beautiful thing, yet it is feared rather than revered. To that end, can we say the same for black music?” – BLXPLTN

Originally posted in Huffington Post.  Listen to BLXPLTN on Afropunk’s Mixtape #001 Public Unrest

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