Preparing for a Virtual Interview

By Hinda Akel, Marketing and Communications Student Assistant

Virtual interviews are a way that employers can meet and connect with potential employees through video or an online interviewing platform. There are various reasons why an employer would request a virtual interview such as location differences or timing, but now that everything has gone remote, a virtual interview may be in your near future. Here are some tips that will help prepare you to have a successful interview.

Check Your Internet Connection

It is vital to make sure your connection is ready for this virtual interview. Every company has different platforms that they may use for their video interviews. So, after you test your internet connection make sure the source of the interview is working properly as well. Try testing out the program ahead of time to make sure you have no issues during your interview.

Find the Best Interview Space

Look around your home and find the best setting for this interview. Somewhere quiet with good lighting should do the trick. A closed room that has a door you can shut is even better. Having to repeat yourself due to the loud background noise is a problem you can prevent. You want your voice to be clear and concise when speaking to the interviewer.

Dress Appropriately 

Even though this is a video interview dressing your part is necessary and shows your professionalism. When the interviewer sees you dressed up for this interview it shows you are taking this seriously. Try to avoid bright colored clothing because it may show differently on camera.

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