Script Coverage Workshop

Our first-ever Script Coverage Workshop hosted by the Career Center in partnership with the Semester in LA program was created to support aspiring television and film screenwriters, producers, and directors. With the number of projects being shopped around the entertainment industry, Whether in Chicago, LA or NYC, being familiar with, and how to write sample coverage is expected.

Because of the volume of scripts, books, magazine articles, and treatments looking to be picked up by production companies, studios, and networks, interns and entry-level assistants are asked to screen the material. The result is “coverage” – a specifically stylized and structured book report which provides a story synopsis and recommendation whether or not the material should be pursued. One’s ability to synopsize, analyze and write effectively is crucial to success.

Columbia College Chicago’s own professor John Rangel led the presentation. Students learned about the typical concepts behind coverage including identifying a well-written log line, creating an effective lead, and how to give professional feedback.

View the presentation here:

Professor Rangel also reviewed drafts of coverage for Semester in LA applicants and students in the Cinema and Television Art program. Following the presentation a script was sent for students to reference and create their own sample coverage report. A sample coverage text doc template and a sample that agencies use were also provided for review.

Link to follow-up script and coverage documents: