Post Job Fair: How to Get an Offer Before the Summer

If you’re looking to receive job offers from some of the companies that attended Columbia’s Job and Internship Fair, there are a few more things you can do to supplement the strong impression you made at the fair. While we’re sure your “elevator pitch,” accomplishment-driven resume, and branded business cards left a strong impression, check out a few tips that will improve your chances of getting a job before summer

Tips on Following Up

  • This wasn’t a date—you don’t need to worry about appearing too eager for date #2 by waiting to follow up. It turns out, the recruiter you spoke to—and really connected with—also spoke with dozens of others. Follow up today with a short email, and/or LinkedIn connection request (with a note included)
  • When you follow up, remind your contact who you are and where you met, a key discussion point that may help them remember you, and include your resume (or portfolio link if relevant), as well as reiterating your interest in the role(s) you discussed
  • Follow up on any agreed-upon next steps that were discussed: What’s their hiring timeline? Did they want to see work samples? Was your contact going to refer you to someone else? Did they have an updated job description?

If you didn’t manage to snag a few business cards at the fair, try and search LinkedIn, or reach out to the Career Center for potential introductions. And lastly, If you want to get ready for any upcoming interviews, we’d recommend trying out Big Interview—our new Interview practice software which will help you practice answering common and industry-specific questions while you sit on your couch. You want to know how often you say “like,” and “umm” while you talk, right?

If you’d like to discuss more in person, you can make a handshake appointment here—we’d be happy to get to know you!