HOT INTERNSHIP: Digital Photography Internship (Paid) Ravinia Festival Association


Ravinia Festival Graphics Dept. is seeking a digital photography student to work part time as an intern starting June 2015. Internships generally last 4 months. Flexible schedule to accommodate classes.

Ravinia Festival has performances and events scheduled nearly every evening from June through September that usually require a house photographer. Must be physically able to move quickly and quietly, handling heavy equipment for events lasting several hours. Intern may use Ravinia’s equipment or their own. Weekends and evenings are required, schedule may be flexible. Other responsibilities will include:

• Shadow on-duty photographer to learn (where applicable)
• Collect cards in real time from on-duty photographer/videographer during performance
• Transfer images from on-duty photographer/videographer to graphics server
• Appropriately tag images same-day for optimal searching
• Offer a link of select images to photographer + social media manager for review and potential post
• Send a link of selects to the staff via dropbox for each individual shoot / keeping company aware of events
• Manage dropbox folders / “up for a month and take it down”
• assist video team as grip and also with sound / boom mic when necessary

More info on this HOT INTERNSHIP HERE.