Tips for Pitching your Film!

As filmmakers we pitch every day without even realizing it.  When you’re telling someone about the film “Rosewater”, or how amazing “Guardians of the Galaxy” was – you are pitching. You are trying to sell someone on the fact that you enjoyed (or disliked) a movie so much they should want, or not want to see it.

Other versions of pitching are the basics you learned in Screenwriting or Producing:  Selling your idea.  Your script.  Your movie.  What is the point of making films if no one sees it?  You should be making films so they are seen, and the collaboration and creative process are so integral to film making.  How do you do this?  You pitch your idea or script. 

In order to sell your script or film, you need to know how to pitch, and pitch well.  Pitching takes practice and here are a set of 10 strong tips to pitching, courtesy of Stephanie Palmer, as featured on the American Film Market website.

Ten Tops for Pitching Your Film Successfully