PORTFOLIO TIPS: Provide unique views and mock-ups of design projects. For example:   

1. State it plainly for starters — help your audience know exactly what it is right away. 

2. Put it in context — show it on a table, on a wall, on a person, hands holding it, whatever context it would appear in. If it’s a finished thing, photograph it, mock-up if not; demonstrate it as it would live.  

3. Zoom in on something — provide a close-up of a compelling detail, some unique aspect that you’d especially like to draw attention to. 

4. Apply it to things — look for easy ways to demonstrate applicability and expand scope beyond the thing itself. Besides producing your own project imagery, there are lots of free and premium mock-up templates available online (such as psdcovers.com). Explore, extend.  

5. Show It In Motion — especially if it’s hard to communicate it in a still image, take your audience on a tour of your project with a video camera, or show the concept in use.  

Are there other ideas or tactics you would recommend?