Interview DOs!


Our rockstar Office Administrator Jose Gomez recently had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall during an interviewing event here at the Portfolio Center. From his vantage point, he got to observe a lot of great interviews and wanted to share four absolute DOs for your next interview:

“DO answer the question that was asked. If you are unsure – ask for clarification.”

  • Sounds easy, right? It can be harder than you think. Make sure you are listening actively and that you get around to your answer sooner rather than later.

“DO be prepared to give examples of how you behave in response to different scenarios.”

“Do be prepared with a few questions for the interviewer.”

  • A simple Google search for “Interview questions to ask them” will get your brain churning with ideas. Bringing in a notepad to jot down notes can also be a handy place to have these questions ready.
  • Pro tip: This is a huge opportunity to impress them!

“Do say ‘Thank you’ at the end of the interview.”

Keep these DOs in mind for your next interview. Don’t forget – if you want to practice your interviewing skills, we can schedule you a mock interview here at the Portfolio Center. Just call 312-369-7280 to set something up. Good luck!