Be a Part of the Manifest Rises Showcase!

Be a Part of the Manifest Rises Showcase!

You’ve undoubtedly heard that Manifest has moved to a virtual celebration this year, an online festival called Manifest Rises. We’d like to invite all graduating seniors and graduating Master’s students to be a part of the festival as representatives of the Business and Entrepreneurship Department.

In lieu of our department’s typical Manifest showcase, which is a carefully curated collection of student project reflection presentations, we’ve decided to open up the doors to every graduating student to submit a mini-showcase of their work.

Here’s the plan: If you’ve worked on an arts management project in your time at Columbia that you’re particularly proud of, or if you’re currently developing a new project, we’d like to feature that work in our Manifest celebration.

  • You produced a show.
  • You curated an exhibit.
  • You managed a band.
  • You ran a marketing campaign.
  • You planned a huge event.
  • You wrote a killer business plan.
  • You hosted a fashion show.
  • You launched a brand.

You did something extraordinary during your time as a Business and Entrepreneurship student, and we want to celebrate you.

If you’d like to include your project in our Manifest showcase, we’d like you to submit an artifact that can be published to the Manifest website. This artifact could be a photo gallery, a show poster, a business plan. It could be a PDF of marketing collateral, or a blog post about your experience. It could be a video diary, or an audio reflection. It could be a screengrab video of data analysis, or an mp3 of a song you helped produce. It can even be a link to an existing portfolio, or to a project that’s hosted somewhere else! Your artifact can be any digital thing that shows us, or tells us, what you worked on.

We’d also like you to submit at least one paragraph of context about your work, and about the artifact you’re sharing. What was the project? What was your role? How did you measure success? How did your Columbia experience contribute to your ability to manage this project?

Ready to submit? Great! Because we’re on a short timeline, and we need to move quickly. Here’s how to get your work into the showcase:

  • Submit your artifact(s) and your context paragraphs
  • Graduating seniors can submit here
  • Graduating Master’s students can submit here
  • Submissions are due at NOON on Wednesday, April 22nd

If you have any questions, please let us know. Good luck with the rest of your semester, and we look forward to seeing your work!