Closed Sessions Collaboration with Dark Matter

Closed Sessions Collaboration with Dark Matter

Closed Sessions is an independent Chicago-based record label co-founded by Business and Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor of Instruction Alex Fruchter. Closed Sessions recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and they also introduced a collaboration with local coffee roasters Dark Matter Coffee. Alex sat down and told us more about the ten-year milestone and his caffeinated collaboration!

Congrats on the 10 year anniversary of Closed Sessions! What is one of your favorite memories from the last ten years?

That’s a great question, and everything is kind of a blur right now. One thing that comes to mind is our first collaboration with Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan. I remember when he agreed to participate in our Closed Sessions party/documentary series. When we started, we had a list of artists that would “make us official,” and Raekwon was at the top of the list. That was a like a watershed moment and a chance to work with an artist we all looked up to. Being in the studio with him, riding around the city, getting food, etc. was just a blast. And he dropped a lot of gems on me that I still hold to this day.

Closed Sessions recently collaborated with Dark Matter Coffee; what is the goal of this collaboration?

The goal of the collaboration is to celebrate our 10 years in business and continue to create new products and ways for people to experience our brand. The Dark Matter bags and aesthetic are so iconic to me, and we have wanted a bag for years. There’s no large or grandiose mission; we just really wanted that bag and a product that everyone can enjoy. We’re proud to be part of what DMC is doing.

What made you want to collaborate with a coffee company?

There are a few reasons. In the age of digital music, I love “collectible items,” and I’m always looking to find new ways to add a tangible presence to our label. Second, I really love coffee. Third, Dark Matter has a coffee shop (Star Lounge) directly across the street from our studio and office space. Dark Matter Coffee is part of everything we’ve done from the beginning, in that there is always someone sipping something from DMC. Over the last few years we organically grew a relationship with them, developed a mutual respect, and shared philosophies about art, culture, and Chicago. This coffee collaboration is the next iteration of our relationship, and honestly, one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

What else have you done to celebrate your 10th anniversary?

We actually have done a few things since our coffee and 7inch release. The coffee is sold out, but the remaining limited edition vinyl is available here. We appeared on WBEZ’s Reset with Jenn White and released a new album Our Latest Compilation, Produced by BoatHouse. We also signed some new artists and have new music coming out regularly.

How can students at Columbia get involved with Closed Sessions?

Columbia students can get involved with CS by checking out our music on any and all streaming services. We also host regular events that range from parties to panels to cook-outs etc. We have a lot of ways for students (or anyone) to get to know us and make meaningful connections. People can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Bandcamp to stay up to date on our releases.

Check out Closed Session’s website for more information: