Bryan D. Sido Scholarship

Bryan D. Sido Scholarship

In 2013, the Columbia College Chicago community tragically and unexpectedly lost one of its promising, talented members, Music Business student Bryan Sido. Bryan passed away his senior year at Columbia of an undiagnosed brain aneurysm. Shortly afterward, Bryan’s parents, Dan and Beth Sido, and his brother Mark created a scholarship in Bryan’s honor. The Bryan D. Sido Scholarship fund was established to assist Music Business students who demonstrate passion, academic excellence and recognized commitment to the music business industry.

In 2014, the Business and Entrepreneurship Department’s Eric Bailey interviewed the Sidos about the scholarship. What follows is an updated version of that interview.

What’s Bryan’s story? Specifically, what was he passionate about?

Bryan was passionate about so many things…his zest for life was invigorating. His family and friends meant everything to him; he drew energy from their interactions, and he treated everyone as his best friend. And yes, he loved music. He was a drummer who loved everything about live music…the stage, the performances, talent management, bookings; music was his passion, and his lifelong dream.

What is the goal of the Bryan D. Sido scholarship?

It’s a simple one: to provide tuition aid to Music Business students following in Bryan’s footsteps who share the same passion for the music industry. Music was Bryan’s life, his dream. For us, this scholarship keeps his dream alive by helping others who have the same passion.

What impact did the Business & Entrepreneurship Department have on Bryan?

Bryan was searching for a path prior to coming to Columbia. He flourished here in an environment of fellow music lovers. In the Columbia community, he found a powerful sense of belonging. The energy he felt here fed his soul.

He expressed that his instructors were knowledge, approachable, fun, and “tappable” for advice.   Bryan impressed us in the ways he was applying his new music business knowledge toward his career even before graduating. He made us very proud.

Did he have any favorite classes or experiences?

He did; one obvious, and one not so obvious. The Business of Music was his first “real” focused music class, where the music industry was talked about in-depth. He also loved Business Law. He enjoyed exploring the topic of song copyrights; we must have chatted for hours about how start-up bands could lose revenue.

What was Bryan’s opinion of Columbia and, specifically, the Business & Entrepreneurship program?

The program embraces the individual student while also seeking to educate the entire class. The professors are realists, and they bring a great balance of business theory and real-world reality. His instructors clearly inspired, motivated, and challenged him to do his best.

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