Course Update: Club Management features Mud Queens

Course Update: Club Management features Mud Queens

Club Management: Practicum explores a variety of revenue strategies.  On October 28, the students of Club Management produced and presented a mud wrestling show with an overarching Halloween theme, in part to compare the consumer demand for that particular product as compared to the “music-only” shows previously offered by the class.  The verdict?  Quite popular, raising the overall average attendance of all of this semester’s shows by a whopping 84%!

Mud Queens 8

In Club Management, the students learn that incrementally increasing audience size, and audience retention, are significant business reasons to select the right opening acts.  Local acts Lever and Panthatone were selected for their followings, genres and energy levels, to open the Mud Queens’ show.  In these photos, each shows the Halloween spirit with their costumes!

Mud Queens 6

The Club Management: Practicum class (28-4080/5080) provides students with the opportunity to produce  and present live events @ Reggies Chicago, a rock club near the Columbia College Chicago campus. Business & Entrepreneurship classes allow students to apply knowledge and theory learned in previous coursework to the creative and practical experience of running a club.  In Club Management, in particular, they form a management team, select artists, budget, complete contracts, riders and settlements statements, and market and promote a series of shows.