Student Spotlight: Amanda Gatt (MAM ’16)

Student Spotlight: Amanda Gatt (MAM ’16)

Amanda Gatt is a second year Master of Arts Management student who is flourishing in her industry while still in the program. She started at Columbia with a strong interest in classical music advocacy. With a background in horn performance, she has grown into a confident businesswoman thanks to the courses and faculty in the Business & Entrepreneurship department.

Outside of the prescribed MAM program, Amanda strives to make connections and follow her passion through projects, internships, and collaborations. Currently, she is working with a Detroit pianist in the planning of a classical musical series called The Detroit Sessions. Amanda’s passion for her home state and this project is evident in her explanation for taking on this project.

“The partnership amongst Detroit musicians and established arts & culture organizations will result in concerts showcasing not only the immense cultural diversity in the city of Detroit, but reflecting the resilience and strength of the people that live and work there. By successfully uniting all of these elements, we believe we can resonate globally and show everyone that Detroit is not a broken city, but rather a place where people come together with open minds and create positivity. Essentially, we desire to change the image of Detroit from ruins to a city of the arts.”

Determined to secure a position with an American orchestra in marketing, development, or community engagement, Amanda understands that the MAM program takes dedicated work and an open-mind. “Trust the process. Everything in life both personally and professionally involves trusting the process and seeing where it will lead you next. I constantly keep this motto in the forefront of my mind as a reminder to simply be here in the present, experience one moment at a time, and understand that things don’t always go according to plan.”

Amanda is also the Graduate Ambassador for the Business & Entrepreneurship Department. You can find her blog about her personal journey on the Graduate Marginalia blog at Columbia College Chicago. When asked what advice would she give to prospective students, Amanda explained, “The MAM faculty wants to see its students flourish, so never shy away from building that initial relationship that will ultimately help you get your foot in the door.”