Student Profile: Jessica Disu ‘16



Jessica Disu is a full-time International Arts Management student involved in a variety of activities to help further her future career plans. We were able to discuss with Jessica current accomplishments she’s achieved on and off campus, and how being a student in the Business & Entrepreneurship department at Columbia College Chicago has helped her.

What are you currently involved in, on campus or outside of campus?

Jessica Disu: “I am currently involved in speaking on panels about race, violence, youth peace and nonviolence through Hip Hop at local colleges in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. I recently returned from Dallas, TX where I spoke at an opening plenary and performed at Facing Race 14, a biannual conference produced by Race Forward.

Since April 2014, my day job has been serving as Special Projects Lead at Chicago Ideas Week, a non-profit founded by Brad Keywell (Co founder of Groupon). I recently partnered with ABC 7 Chicago and the Walt Disney Company for a rap PSA song titled “Still Believe, Yeah.”  In addition to this, I am a full time student here at Columbia College, which is my #1 priority. I am excited to graduate in December 2015, and walk Spring 2016. I presently serve on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Commission for a Safer Chicago, a community leadership advisory board for youth violence prevention and intervention.”

Where do you see yourself in five years, as it pertains to your future career goals?

Jessica Disu: “Five years from now, in 2019, I envision my arts, education and youth consulting firm “FM Supreme, Inc.” being an innovative and leading company that influences and produces positive and engaging curricula, music, media and fashion.”

How would you describe your dream job?

Jessica Disu: “My dream job is building my company with a sustainable business model that is economically, environmentally and socially friendly. A long term goal of ours is to create more employment, education and performance opportunities for youth and young adults in Chicago.”

Why did you choose Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship department, and how do you think this program will create personal growth within your future career?

Jessica Disu: “I chose Columbia College’s Business & Entrepreneurship department because I know that I need more business acumen and financial literacy to reach my potential. I seek to become more disciplined and diligent in the language of business and become better at negotiating and drafting contracts. Additionally, I would like to learn how to better manage and invest finances. I believe that the program is helping to prepare me for the next chapter in my life post college graduation. I appreciate the opportunity to study and learn under industry professionals and professors who have actually worked in their field. I am blessed to be a matriculated student here at Columbia. Truth be told, it is a miracle!”