Student Spotlight: Jason Lee Goo

jason goo
Meet Jason Lee Goo, a first student year in the Arts Management program here at Columbia College Chicago. He’s a music artist with a self released full-length album titled Loyalty Oaths under the artist name Bleached By The Sun. The album contains 12 tracks, which he describes  as “surf rock meets post punk and new wave, also a bit of synth pop…”.

In this student spotlight Jason talks about producing, his dream job, and how the Business & Entrepreneurship department will help further his career path.

How did you get involved with producing your own music?

Jason Lee Goo: “When I was a child my grandfather taught me how to play guitar. My dad was a DJ, so in high school I got into mixing and eventually recording experimental music and moving into other work that has led me to start singing. Working in local television production has also helped me be more familiar with audio equipment. I started an independent record label, Sneaky Records, my freshmen year of high school. This has pushed me to network by emailing back and forth with multiple artists and writers for blogs.”

Where do you see yourself in five years, as it pertains to your future career goals?

Jason Lee Goo: “I see myself expanding my record label and creating something new and not doing only one form of art.”

How would you describe your dream job?

Jason Lee Goo: “I would like to continue running the label and network with other independent artists such as filmmakers, musicians, and designers. As a manager I think it’s important to also understand the world from an artist perspective.”

Why did you choose Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship department, and how do you think this program will create personal growth within your future career?

Jason Lee Goo: “I choose Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship department because of the wide range of opportunities I have to network with extremely talented people here at Columbia. I think this program will create personal growth within my future career by pushing me to get involved in different projects.”