The spectacle of Redmoon Theater marketing

“There is a strategy to everything…”

There is never a better learning experience than working with existing companies with immediate real-world needs. This Spring semester, three classes in the Business & Entrepreneurship department are working with Redmoon Theater and learning about marketing large scale theatrical events, such as their Spring Spectacle: Bellboys, Bears and Baggage.

Curated by Assistant Professor Kelly Page, in collaboration with Redmoon’s Marketing Manager, Patricia Morris, two Entertainment Marketing classes are developing ideas for a Marketing and Communication Plan. In addition, Kelly’s Digital Media Strategies class has audited the company’s website, and are seeding content ideas for growing their community of audiences, artists and fans through social media.

Set with the task as to ‘how can Redmoon raise awareness about their forthcoming Spring Spectacle’ to audiences across Chicago, the students all agree that there is no better way to learn marketing and digital strategy than to be exposed to a real project for a real company.

Zara Wallis, a student in the Digital Media Strategies class said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a class like this. I knew a bit about digital media but this class has opened my eyes to the different ways we as people can connect using digital media and of course their is a strategy to everything. Since I started this class I’ve been strategizing when, where and why I’m posting what I am posting on my social medias. There are so many opportunities for me now that I understand more about networking and digital media. ”

Stephanie Clark went on to say: “I think this project with Redmoon is extremely helpful in teaching us the process of a spreadable campaign. I love that we have the opportunity to put what we’ve learned to practice for a real organization- and potentially help them in a major way. For me, these real-life applications are the best way to learn something.”

In addition to considering the immersive and participatory nature of Redmoon’s unique work and their rich 24-year history, the students are also considering how to communicate and share about the company’s new location and spectacular 57,000 square foot space; currently the theater only has performances at Spectacle Hall a 18,000 sq.ft space. The students have conducted a ‘brand audit’, a ‘venue audit’ and ‘website and social media audit’ and are thinking outside of the norm to come up with creative marketing ideas that Redmoon can work with to promote the company’s Spring Spectacle annually.

There is no greater feeling than walking out of a class with a body of work that you have earned and can be proud of. These students have a lot to be proud of, and have gained practical skills that they can now transfer over into other companies and future endeavors.

To check out Redmoon’s 2013 Spring Spectacle, be sure to visit: