Manifest Business 2014

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when everyone is all a-buzz about MANIFEST!  This year’s theme of Flight is an accurate description of how these students are using their incredible talents and skills to take flight this spring.  Representing the Business & Entrepreneurship Department are the Events Management Practicum, Digital Distribution Practicum, Talent Agency Practicum, and the Marketing II class.  Each of these courses are offering up some incredible hands on experience in the nuts and bolts of making Manifest happen!

Events Management Practicum is feverishly working to manage the Urban Cloud stage with acts like the phenomenal Aloft Circus Arts who perform shows of aerial dance.   They are also partnering with the Muggles Association to create a Harry Potter themed zip line.  To top it all off, they will have a photo booth, and everyone loves a good photo booth! Another Events Management production is Terminal XIV on the corner of Wabash and Balbo. This lot will feature performances and booths hosting a variety of activities.

Working along side Events Management is Talent Agency Practicum.  The Talent Agency is responsible for finding the talent to perform on the main stage.  They are pulling from a network both inside Columbia’s walls as well as collaborating with outside talent to create a flow of fresh talent and fresh performances.

Digital Distribution Practicum  is heading up all of the digital communication and marketing for Manifest this year! Be sure to check out their Instagram photos and see a behind the scenes perspective on what is up and coming; and you certainly don’t want to miss out on their Twitter to keep up with all of the events, expeditions, and guests coming to Manifest this year! This class is working feverishly to get the buzz buzzing!

Additionally, the Marketing II class is immersing the local high schools in all of the action.  They are excitedly getting the next generation involved and interested in the creativity and creating that is happening all over our campus during Manifest this year.

Manifest is sure to be a fantastic time, with talent and artistry from all over the city of Chicago, communing right here, on our campus of Columbia College.  Let your creativity take flight this May at Manifest!