Experiential Learning: Talent Agency Practicum

The Talent Agency Practicum course provides students with an experiential learning opportunity operating a student-run Talent Agency. Students will work with artists on matters of presentation, marketability, branding, product development, career planning and live performance. Additionally, students will gain management experience as they represent artists, develop promotional materials, create an online presence, plan artist showcases and prepare for product release.



The following is a testimonial from AEMM MAM student Max Shicker.


Talent Agency Practicum

One of the reasons I decided to attend Columbia’s MAM program was the hands-on, practical experience and education it provided, part of which is achieved through the various Practicum offerings. I was very intrigued by these courses and how they operated. As someone with a strong interest in talent management, I eagerly registered for the Talent Agency Practicum as my first semester elective.

The first thing I will tell you about this course is be prepared to work—a lot! Granted, it is not like a typical class with a textbook or a lecture, but it certainly is challenging and the work load can be intense. Essentially you are running a business as part of this course, and there is a lot that goes along with that, including coordinating projects and point people, finding clients and helping develop them as artists, creating budget proposals and requesting funds, planning events, and building relationships on and off campus. You are grouped with other students, both grads and undergrads, and as a team you need to decide the best way to operate. This can be quite challenging. For example, there is no hierarchy in place as there would be at a regular company. Hierarchy definitely serves a purpose as it can help with decision-making and simply getting things done. As a class, however, we are all at the same level, and it is up to us to collaborate and find the best way to work. This requires impeccable communication, constant checking in, and a great deal of diligence. You know that phrase “sink or swim?” That certainly applies to this class, and if you decide to swim, it has the potential to be quite rewarding.

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