Chicago’s Visual Arts Vangaurd Includes CCC Faculty Duncan Mackenzie & Jefferson Godard

Each year, New City releases a co-authored list the Art 50: Chicago’s Visual Vangaurd. This year, that list proudly includes two incredible individuals who teach in Art & Art History: Assistant Professor Duncan Mackenzie, and Part-Time Faculty Jefferson Godard. Plus, we’re happy to see our CCC Colleague – MOCP Executive Director Natasha Egan on there as well. We’re so lucky to have these luminaries on the team that is Columbia College Chicago – not to mention the to have so many friends, supporters, guests, visiting artists, lecturers, curators, critics who interface with our programs (e.g. Naomi Beckwith Lecture 12/10) on the list as well.

So get informed & check out who Chicago’s Visual Vangaurd is – they just might be sitting next to you.