Bryan Saner Performing with Erica Mott Productions at Steelworkers Park

Erica Mott productions is performing live at this stunning Chicago landscape / abandoned United States Steel ore wall in Calumet.
This is a new Chicago City Park.
This is part three of the Cowboys and Vikings Across Chicago series.
Featuring Christopher Knowlton, Jason Torres Hancock, Brian Shaw, and Bryan Saner with music by Ryan Ingebritsen.

Thursday and Friday, Sept. 24-25
87th and Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL

Facebook event:

The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy is a multimedia performance bringing into question the contemporary reinvention of historical figures and events. The figures of the “Cowboy” and the “Viking” are dissected and repurposed to challenge societal assumptions about contemporary ideas of masculinity.

Erica Mott Productions with the Chicago Park District and Night Out in the Parks is excited to present The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy at historically significant sites across Chicago!

Trials and Trails examines notions of masculinity in relationship to speed and travel. Historical research on the development of Illinois trains called the ‘iron horse’ and cars called the ‘steel horse’, their historical place transporting beef into and Scandinavian immigrants out of Chicago and contemporary impact in Illinois are addressed.