CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance/installation at Tachbrook St Market in London

Ends on 10/15/2015

Open call for proposals:Performance/installation work for Tachbrook Street Market in London

We are looking for performance/sound/visual artists who would like to perform/present work in a very public setting in London.  Working with the London borough of Westminster, Rufus Stone is curating an “artist’s pitch” in a lively street market.  Westminster is making available a gazebo (approx. 3 m x 2 m), at the front of the market, next to a fruit and veg stall, and Rufus Stone will arrange accommodation in London (walking distance from the market) for three days for the selected artists.  The market is open from 7 am – 7 pm (although most vendors close up at about 4pm).

We are planning to programme the first four performances via this call (see dates below).

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 15 OCTOBER (if you are interested in the September date, please be sure to apply before 10 September).


Selection mechanism: A selection committee, including artists and curators as well as a representative of Westminster will decide on a shortlist.  Rufus Stone will then work with the short-listed artists to schedule and produce projects.

Various logistics:

You can apply as an individual or as part of a collaborative.

The gazebo is essentially a tent with a blue and white striped pitched roof made of waterproof material.  There are detachable walls made of the same waterproof material.

Artists must NOT transact business— we don’t have a vendor’s license. Thus all projects must be non-commercial; i.e. no project or artist would be allowed to sell a product or realise any commercial gain from participating in the project.

No electricity is provided at the site.

Artists must cover the costs of all materials; their transport to/from/within London; and all other personal costs associated with participation.  We are happy to provide official letters of invitation for selected artists applying for project funding from other sources.

A representative of Rufus Stone will be onsite during all projects.

First four proposed dates:

26 September, 2015 (Saturday)

28  November, 2015 (Saturday)

19 December, 2015 (Saturday)

06 February, 2016 (Saturday)

Rufus Stone: Our collective is interested in community-based projects that challenge the notion of where art belongs. We have a track record of delivering high quality experiences on very low budgets leveraging existing resources and goodwill. We find the market to be a very democratic and open venue, which attracts a diverse audience.  Please visit our website