Join Three Sisters Papermaking this Sunday for Threewalls Fundraiser


On Sunday, July 26, from 11am – 2pm, join Threewalls and Three Sisters Papermaking on the Comfort Station lawn in Logan Square (2579 N Milwaukee Ave) to celebrate Threewalls’ Spring 2015 Community Supported Art, Chicago release. Located just steps away from the ever-popular Logan Square Farmer’s Market, the event will featue hands-on papermaking workshops and demonstrations by Three Sisters Papermaking, comprised of Book & Paper alumni Jillian Bruschera and Maggie Puckett as well as Associate Professor Melissa Potter. Their projects, The Mobile Mill and Seeds InService: A Papermaking Institute reflect the program and artistic community locally, nationally, and internationally.

Three Sisters Papermaking is a mobile papermaking project of three papermakers working with plants, seeds, and recycled materials. Three Sisters is a planting technique that provides strength, shade and moisture to three different kinds of plants placed together in the garden. Three Sisters Papermaking plays with this idea as a form of socially-engaged art to support each others’ artistic growth and impact, and share hand papermaking with new audiences. Participants learn to make paper, and take one made by previous workshop attendees in the “pay it forward” ethos.

Community Supported Art, Chicago is a yearly art subscription of engaging, innovative, and locally produced art. The program is modeled after Community Supported Agriculture, in which shareholders invest in a local farm and receive a regular payout of produce. CSA Chicago works in a similar way—but instead of vegetables, shareholders receive limited editions by artists who live and work in Chicago. All five of the limited-edition artworks included in the Spring 2015 CSA will be on display and available for purchase or retrieval to subscribers of the program. Reserve your subscription today: