Alum Megan Pitcher Presenting Movement Work at ISEA in Mid-August


Photo taken by Chelsey Shilling.

The Interdisciplinary Arts Department is happy to announce that the techniques 2014 Media MFA alumna Megan Pitcher developed at Columbia combining choreography, performance art, and system design will be presented as part of the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA), International Workshop on Movement and Computing (MOCO) in Vancouver, Canada in mid-August.

The Adaptive/Responsive Movement Approach (A/RMA) is a generative tool for interdisciplinary, new media, and movement artists. This approach draws from system theory, computational programming protocols, and directed improvisation techniques. Workshops introduce linear logic, experiment with single trigger operations, and build complex systems including layered rule sets. The A/RMA is especially useful in developing choreography with viewers as participants. Key concepts addressed include proximity, duration, threshold, and legibility.

Pitcher has presented the A/RMA approach workshops through American College Dance Association and during a residency at the Chicago Cultural Center. She will be doing more workshops in Michigan during her work with DITA/Site Lab/ArtsPrize this summer and fall. Pitcher plans to offer workshops again in Chicago as opportunities arise.