Adjunct Faculty Member Tiffany Funk Writing For Bad At Sports


Interdisciplinary Arts adjunct faculty member Tiffany Funk’s byline will be appearing on a regular basis at Bad at Sports, an arts news source that produces “content that lies somewhere on the Venn diagram of art, journalism, media, intellectualism, and the naughty bits… through an archive that is text, audio, physical, ephemeral, historical, and constantly evolving through ongoing and unique projects.”

Funk, deep in working on her dissertation for a PhD at UIC, contacted Bad At Sports after having done art reviews for other online blogs. Funk wanted to keep her writing cops honed outside of her dissertation work, and writing online reviews enables her to expand her readership and allows her personality to come through more than academic writing.

Her first post dove right into popular discourse by giving a pointed critique of the conversation around Kayne West receiving an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Funk at first “was trying to ignore” the fracas from SAIC’s announcement, then it then “absolutely flooded” her social media. She said that the uproar was bigger than West as a media personality, and that “because SAIC is in our artistic community, we have an obligation to look at what they do critically.”

L’anatomie De La Tête (1748)  – Morbid Anatomy Museum

Within the next month, Bad At Sports will be posting another of Funk’s writings, this time on the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York. Funk describes the museum as a “research warehouse” and says the topic fits her lifelong interested in technology and “how it relates to witchcraft and the macabre, and what is the most spectacular way of magic and technology interacting.”

Click here for Tiffany Funk’s website.

Click here for her first post at Bad At Sports, “Why Kanye West Getting an Honorary Doctorate from The School of the Art Institute Might Piss Some Off, Why It Shouldn’t, And Why It (Maybe) Should: An Essay.”