Nick Sagan in Cosmosis Exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center Opening May 3


Opening Reception
Sunday, May 3, 2015
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

COSMOSIS is an upcoming exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center  that investigates how the cosmos and the scientific fields of physics and cosmology continue to inspire artistic production, exerting great influence on our understanding of the universe—and our place therein. This exhibition brings together a group of artists whose interest in the cultural significance of the cosmos leads in multiple directions, intersecting with the fields of aesthetics, anthropology, philosophy, and so on, grounded in different art-making strategies and material explorations.

The COSMOSIS opening reception features a performance by Douglas Ewart, DJ sets by John Corbett in collaboration with the Experimental Sound Studio, and sun-gazing with Sarah + Joseph Belknap.

Through interdisciplinary, New Media and traditional art-making processes, Nick Sagan’s work explores the connections, parallels and paradoxes that exist between art, science, technology and culture. His more recent inquiries and experiments deal specifically with the installation format as medium through which scientific imagery and data archives can be aesthetically and kineaesthetically accessed and interpreted. Sagan is an alumnus of the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media program. He is current instructor in the Interdisciplinary Arts program as well as at SAIC.

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