Bryan Saner in Installation Film at Hyde Park Art Center

Faculty member Bryan Saner did some performance for film under the direction of Melika Bass. Some of this film is in an installation,“The Latest Sun is Sinking Fast,” at the Hyde Park Arts Center. The installation also includes performance for film by Sarah Stambaugh and Matthew Goulish and is up and running until April 19.


“Bass’ work “The Latest Sun is Sinking Fast,” is an immersive, multi-channel installation incorporating 16mm film/video, sound, architecture, and featuring performances by Sarah Stambaugh, Bryan Saner, and Matthew Goulish.

Bass’s distinct, immersive artworks blend macabre and magical elements, revealing a fictional, fractured Americana. The solo exhibition will feature a spatial narrative installation that delves, through movement, texture, sound, and gesture, into the psychology of a recurring figure in Bass’ previous films; while also introducing two new characters, blending the past into the present.”   – Allison Peters Quinn, Exhibition Director

small lot, limited street, cash pay lot 2 blocks away

very close – Metra stop
from downtown direct to HPAC – easy #6 express bus; and #15, #28 buses


Free Admission!