CALL FOR MANIFESTOS: Sixty Inches From Center

A Call for Manifestos.

Deadline to Send: January 25, 2015
Archive Site Release: February 20, 2015

What is your driving purpose as an artist? What goals do you hope to achieve through your work, and what ideals guide your path? What is your art struggling against, and why? How do these abstract ideas take tangible form in your work and methods?

Sixty Inches From Center wants to publish your manifesto.

To be clear, we are not asking for your artist’s statement. We are not asking for explanations, personal histories, or influences. Instead, your manifesto should be something broader, something more purpose-driven. Something that others can rally around. We don’t want to know why you created this or that particular piece, but why you create at all–and how that philosophical catalyst determines the kind of work that you do.

Are there materials or methods you categorically reject? Why? Are there institutions you see yourself as being in opposition to? How? Are there others like you–even if they don’t realize it? Who? We want you to draw a line in the sand, and we want to connect you with others who will gladly cross it with you.

Manifestos will be published on our archiving site, along with a selection of works that best exemplify the ideals declared. This is an open call, with no deadlines. Some manifestos may be selected to be cross-published on our magazine as well, in which case authors will receive a $50 stipend.

Stand for something. And let Sixty Inches From Center be your podium.

Send your manifesto to Art Editor, Reuben Westmaas at