Visual Environments Class Critiques Midterm Installations

Visual Environments, a class that focuses on honing skills in creating installation artwork specific to the exhibition space, held its midterm critique last week. This year the class, led by Professor Jason Geistweidt, has an equal number of photography graduate students as interdisciplinary art department students. Below is a sampling of the works they made, still in rough sketch form, as many students will be making an edited version for their final. (photos by Lilli Kayes)

Viktor Ewing created an ornate, southern gothic space that contains many artifacts from his family homestead.


Elaine Miller  made a sparse installation that reflected on our more increasingly removed connection with nature.


Janelle Dowell is in her thesis year and created a projection fountain that will appear in the entrance to her thesis installation.


Scott Tavitian used a simple LED screen connected to a tablet to comment on our relationship with technology.


Afterwards the group assessed the critiques in the Raw Space.