Graduate Studio Intensive in Ireland at Burren College of Art – J Term

Graduate Studio Intensive in Ireland at Burren College of Art

J Term 2015 January 5 – 24th

Description of Proposed Course

This course is a three week faculty-led study trip to Burren College of Art for Columbia College graduate students.   Columbia College graduate students take this class for credit (Advanced Elective Credit) and register through Columbia College.  BCA’s semester starts at the same time as Columbia, so students from both schools would get the chance to be a part of the same seminar/studio course.

Week 1 would include a tour of the Burren, Connemara, and a trip to Galway in conjunction with orientation for incoming students.  Weeks two and three would include opportunities for getting both groups of grads working together.   A series of Research Methods seminars (examining appropriation, socially engaged practice, collaboration etc.) would be a part of this course.   Due to the unpredictable weather at this time of year, the focus for the group would be studio based.  Students would meet regularly with BCA and Columbia faculty for one-on-one meetings.  The trip would end with both BCA and Columbia students travelling to Dublin on Thursday, Jan 22 for a three day field trip.  The Columbia College Chicago group would fly out of Dublin.


Saturday, January 03             Fly to Shannon

Monday, January 05             Course Begins

Thursday, January 22            Trip to Dublin

Saturday, January 24             Fly to Chicago

STUDENT COSTS (price based on 7 students)

Special Course Fee*                                                                           $1484.69

Tuition for course                                                                                   2355.00

Instructional Resource Fee                                                                      115.00

Student Insurance                                                                                     36.00

CCC Study Abroad Application Fee                                                        25.00

TOTAL Program Cost per student                                                            $4015.69


Flight                                                                                                    $1000.00

Meals  and phone                                                                                   450.00

TOTAL OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES                                          $1450.00

ESTIMATED TOTAL PROGRAM COSTS                                     $5465.69

*This fee covers housing, ground transportation, museum and entrance fees, as well as faculty costs.