Faculty Member Bryan Saner to Perform July 27 at the MCA


InterArts faculty member Bryan Saner will be performing in Music and Words / Words and Body / Body and Music in the Chicago  Museum of Contemporary Art theater on Sunday July 27 at 12:00 p.m. noon as part of the museum’s Word Weekend.

Director Tim Kinsella, wrote this about the event:

“Using a poem that I have a deep history with as a departure point, the six performers will each do a short prepared solo piece. They will then respond to each other as determined by the drawing of cards. I will be conducting their entrances and exits, creating an ever-morphing ensemble. The rules that guide the performance’s structure will not be explained to the audience, but should be made clear in their execution. Similarly, the poem we are using as our source will also not be revealed, but I am thrilled to see it given life, clarified and struggled with by trusted friends.”

Featuring: Melina Ausikaitis, Leroy Bach, Abigail Blueher, Devin King, Bryan Saner, and Marvin Tate. Directed by Tim Kinsella. Approximately 60 minutes.

For free admission, RSVP to get on the unlimited guest list by contacting Bryan Saner directly at:  bsanerb@gmail.com
The event is also free with museum admission.