Online Visibility Jump for Student Morgan Sayers Through Social Media


Second-year media student Morgan Sayers has been getting considerable attention, including from Huffington Post and the Chicago Tribune, for her photography.  Sayers has parlayed her talents on her Instagram account to create more awareness for her entire art practice. In the early days of the winter, Sayers had had gone out to take photos of sunrise at Lake Michigan of her ice sculptures. She also had been taking photos on her walks around the city. Being ill over winter break gave her time to post on her Instagram account. Sayers noticed if she tagged her photos with “Chicago architecture,” the photos received more attention. After recovering from her illness, she started taking more photos of her sculptures with the Chicago skyline as part of the background.

She has built up online followers and as well as online an in-person contacts through her efforts. She has found a new network in Instagrammers Chicago, which Sayers described as a group of hardcore photographers, many of whom are professional artists. Fayth Koga, the group’s founder, introduced Morgan as the featured artist at an Instameet, an event where the group’s members go out locally to take photos together. Sayers’ Instameet guided members on a scavenger-hunt-like adventure to take photos of her ice sculptures out on Northerly Island in February.

Sayers appreciates that the Instagram community has led viewers to see more of her art, and that her photography skills are being honed by participating in Instagram events.

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