Sid Yiddish Invites Participants for Unique Performance Event Tuesday April 1


Per Sid Yiddish, second year InterArts media student:

We invite you to pick-it, whatever golden idea you would like to rush and mock. We’ve run our course of peak snot imported from other countries and deep oceans and now we’re asking the United States government to extract resources from our bodies here at home. We’re presenting this to those major oil, coal and gas companies so they can comply with our own snot and allow this country to be resource Depends. Together we can make our future with these new promising resources to prosper generations to come. Masks will be provided to the first 20-some people who show up courtesy of URME & plastic see-thru gloves will be given away by Sid Yiddish.

The action will occur at the Daley Center at 12:30pm, Press Conference and performance art at 12:45pm that starts with a meetup at noon by the The Picasso statue. At 1pm a group of us will deliver medicine bottles of real snot and typewriter typed letter to Rahm Emanuel and Pat Quinn as an incentive to use as the alternative fuel to all that other crap that would otherwise flick and soil our future.

For the typed letter we would like to include your statements, so comment away below. Keep it funny and non-derogatory–keeping it respectful and entertaining.

Sid will conduct with a few hand gestures for everything from chants to nose picking and butt scratching towards the finale: nose blowing.

Tissue and medicine bottles will be provided for the snot collection.

There will be sample short and wacky speeches created for people to read. People are welcome to bring their own creative and short statements however please have it posted here on event page unless you would like your statements to be a surprise. You are also welcome to bring your own non-serious, mocking, ironic or seemingly nonsensical picket signs. We will also provide some of these signs.

Beware, diapers may be searched for “biological weapons.”

This is for the most part a performance piece, however we encourage adding keywords to the general popular lexicon; raise awareness to such keywords as fracking, keystone, petcoke, manchurian candidate, patsy, gas-lighting, geo-engineering, plausible deniability and martians invading Sid’s home planet Saturn. We may even get a special guest appearance from Rahm’s top donor of non-Earth origin.

This event is endorsed by The Garlic

Feel free to invite your friends to participate in this performance piece.

Event on Facebook: click here.

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