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Sound Development City
Sound Development City was initiated in 2012 by Sound Development with the aim of providing creative freedom to artists working in various disciplines. Every year in late summer, Sound Development City sends ten artists on a three-week-long expedition between two European cities. During the expedition, the artists work on individual projects, explore new cities, cultures, and different living environments, and establish new connections.

Sound Development City is an adventure, a place for experimentation, and a research trip. The expedition gives artists time—time for processes to develop, for experimentation, for taking new paths—but also going astray, and for detecting and discovering the unexpected.

Summer expedition 2014: Riga—Helsinki
The expedition 2014 will explore the cities of Riga, Helsinki and the Baltic Sea area. We are looking for interventions, sound surveys, performances, experiments, and artistic research projects that will benefit from being on the road, and will probe urban environments as sites of both playfulness as well as social involvement. Riga and Helsinki serve as resonating urban spaces, as work material, sources of inspiration, and playground for public presentations. Sound Development City 2014 is seeking projects that engage with theme Mind the Gap! in an independent and dedicated manner.

Each edition of Sound Development City follows a specific thematic focus. Participants are selected through an open call.

Mind the Gap!
The gap, it seems, is everywhere: between here and there, me and you, yesterday and today, between Riga and Helsinki. It can cleave and unite; one either trips over or is inclined to leap. In fact these gaps carve out a proverbial space that can be used creatively and become a new artistic reality.

On that note, Mind the Gap! should be understood as an invitation to look inward and sharpen the senses to subtle in-between states, recognize ruptures, transitions and no-man’s-land.

Sound Development City is looking for project proposals and work theses that comply with the invitation toMind the Gap! and that could utilize the three-week expedition from Riga to Helsinki for realizing these endeavors.

Apply now
Artists working in all disciplines can apply through the open call process. The key requirements are curiosity, openness to experimentation, process-oriented work, and adventurousness. We also welcome an inter-disciplinary approach and readiness to collaborate.

The expedition format itself is meant both as practical instructions as well as metaphor. Sound Development City is a studio on the road, a research trip for artists and their projects.

An international jury of five will select about ten participants from the submitted applications. The jury’s decision will be made public no later than May 30.

Application details:
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Project details
Sound Development City is made possible by Sound Development. Travel costs, daily expenses and budget required for materializing the individual projects are supplied. In addition, Sound Development City provides a stipend of 3,000 euros to all participants.

Participants must agree to take part in the expedition throughout its entire duration in an active and comprehensive manner. Public presentation and networking events are integral to the program.

The expedition will be documented with photos and communicated online and via a self-produced radio broadcast. Sound Development City reserves the right to use work provided by participants for press and public relations purposes. The works produced during the expedition belong to the artists.

Following the end of the expedition, the participating artists will collaborate with Sound Development City on a print publication. Artists must agree to generate content that would be used for communication and documentation and be published.

Sound Development City is a project by Sound Development. It was developed in collaboration with Heller Enterprises. The project is financed by Sound Development and organized by Heller Enterprises.

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