Media Student Sid Yiddish Interviewed for Performance in Kansas

From the February 22 article by Steven Ervay at the Mills Record Company

“Tonight, February 22nd, local despaircore king Folkicide and his exuberant buddy Sid Yiddish will be performing in our store. To get everyone pumped for the show, I had a nice chat with Chicagoan Sid Yiddish, who is best described as someone you’ll have to see to even remotely understand.

Remember, Mills shows are free and doors are open around 7:30!

Sid, what would be the best way to describe your art?
The best way to describe my art form is “multidiciplinary”. And, after saying that, one can’t really pigeonhole it; it’s unclassifiable. One really needs to see what I do in order to fully experience my art.

What is your relationship like with record labels? I hear that you are represented by five different labels?
No, at this stage of the game, it’s at least 14 labels and they are: Misspelled Records, Cousin Bones Records, Placenta Recordings, Gro-A-Fro Productions, Aleatory Records, Shit Noise Records, Fork and Spoon Records, Wet Peltix Records, Trashfuck Records, Sirona Records, Curette Records, PROTEST Records, SP Records, and Human Burial Records.

My relationships with labels run the gamut, from hot to cold, to lovey-dovey. I think it’s that way for most people who are signed to labels. Almost all of these labels are indie, while the rest are net labels, meaning they are only available by downloading them on the internet.

You speak Yiddish, which I feel isn’t the most common secondary language.Where did you learn to speak Yiddish and what applications do you have for it now?
I learned to speak Yiddish through my parents when they wanted to have a conversation in front of me without repeating it in English, though I don’t speak it fluently.

Let’s chat about your outfit. Why do you wear what you wear?
The outfit I wear is primarily traditional Jewish garb, with the exception of 2 pieces, which is my way of honoring my culture and heritage, which I’m quite proud of.

You claim to be born on June 4, 2004. Why that and what is your mission?
Well, the short answer is, I was born, in the sense of becoming who I am today, as a multidisciplinary performance artist upon the death of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. The night was in Northwest suburban Chicago at a coffeehouse open mic, in which I presented a performance piece game entitled, “Pin The Quote In Reagan’s Mouth,” the closest participant who got it right in the middle of his mouth, won an authentic 1980 Reagan bumper sticker, while the rest of the participants won Roosevelt dimes, the significance of that being that there was talk of taking Roosevelt’s likeness off and putting Reagan’s face on in place of it. Thank goodness that never came to fruition. The host of the open mic went ape-shit and immediately had me banned for life from that open mic. I knew something was in the cards for me when that happened, thus I became born again.

My mission per my artistic statement is this: “My body of work is comprised of an experimental human instrument of sound, vocal technique and philosophy. I constantly encourage people to connect with their hidden, shy side and let it all hang out with a bit of sparkle and shine and glory, as uncomfortably as it goes.”

That is me and what I do, in a nutshell.

What do you have in store for the audience when you perform at Mills?
Hahaha! That is the question of the hour, isn’t it! Well, all I can tell you is this: Expect the unexpected & also, I may not understand what I am performing, but I know the audience will!

Any more information you think you need on Mr. Yiddish, simply google him. The results will intrigue you. In the mean time, check out Folkicide on bandcamp and Sid Yiddish on Youtube.”

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