JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructional Technology Specialist in Department of Art and School of Communication & Journalism

Job Announcement | Auburn University
Job Title: The Instructional Technology Specialist in the College of Liberal Arts 
Department: Department of Art

The Instructional Technology Specialist in the College of Liberal Arts is supporting technologies that are used for instructional purposes in, primarily, the Department of Art and the School of Communication & Journalism.  Support includes instruction in software for faculty and students for video, photo, and audio production with emphasis on Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut, and Audacity; instruction in hardware used by faculty and students for video and audio production, art design and production including video cameras, digital audio and photo equipment, 3-D scanners and cutters; managing of video and audio resources for faculty and students, including checking equipment in and out to students; and support in visual production for online education and eportfolios.

This position will report to the IT Manager in the College of Liberal Arts and will work closely with faculty and students in Art and Communication & Journalism.  This position requires lifting of up to 25 pounds heavy equipment occasionally and the ability to distinguish similar colors.

Minimum Qualifications:  BA in Art, Film, Graphic Design, Photography or related area.  Extensive use of photo, video, and audio equipment and production/editing software, including maintenance of equipment. Knowledge of digital media production and post production principles, basic safety procedures. Knowledge of printers, scanners, and cutters.

Desired Qualifications:  MA or MFA in Art, Film, Graphic Design, Photography or related area. Extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro.  Strong time management and communication skills, including experience in documentation creation.  Teaching experience, preferably at higher education level. Experience in creation of online content.

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