Book & Paper Student’s “Mobile Mill” Fundraiser in Final Two Weeks


Thesis-year media student Jillian Bruschera is running an online campaign at to raise funds for her latest artistic endeavor, The Mobile Mill. The fundraising is in its final two weeks, so any donation will be very welcome is the campaign winds down.

About The Mobile Mill:

The Mobile Mill is an automobile outfitted with machinery to enable hand papermaking production, popping-up anywhere, at any time. Inspired by Jillian Bruschera’s work as a teaching artist, The Mobile Mill is a project that grows from, and sustains, a lifetime in arts education. Think ‘food truck with an art studio twist’ that moves the making experience to, well, anywhere. Strong social practice components include open-studio events, public arts interventions, and community-generated workshops.

With a focus on experiential learning and community outreach, The Mobile Mill is a space for physical, social, and artistic interaction: a place where people can learn about paper and how to make paper. The Mobile Mill demonstrates ecological awareness through art education, which teaches participants how to repurpose paper waste. It is a space for new learners, practicing artists and potential collaborators.

The Mobile Mill will generate a type of interaction with community that considers a larger human ecology. There are endless opportunities for collaboration, and locations are perhaps infinite. This type of mobility is especially important when considering slashes in school budgets and the subsequent elimination of arts education.

How can you help??

Monetary Contribution: The Mobile Mill project requires substantial financing. Your donation will help cover the initial costs of acquiring a truck as well as parts and labor for the retrofit. To learn more about the design plan, please watch a short video pitch online at

Spread the Word: Share this project campaign via word-of-mouth, a tweet, a post on your blog or facebook page, an email to a friend – whatever it takes.