Cat Connection Links Book + Paper Alum to Past and Present

The official “post for submissions” is now out for the next issue of KOSHKA Zine III! Chicago artist, self-publisher, and maker Kaitlin Kostus has just posted the information, and is looking forward to hearing from assorted international artists with cartoons, stories, interviews, and artwork for the upcoming issue, which will release in time for the March 2014 Chicago ‘Zinefest. Contributor Chris Baird says, “I did a lil’ comic for this, and learned a lot about gay history in Latvia in the process! I can’t wait to see what everybody else comes up with.”


Kaitlin’s previous issues of Koshka have been well received, and the ‘zine has recently been acquired for the Charlee LaChatte Endowment in Rare Books, an unusual part of the Tulane University Special Collections that concentrates exclusively on books about cats. The Charlee LaChatte book collection has centered on Anglo-American literary production between 1880 and 1960, though there are examples as far back as the sixteenth century. The books vary greatly in their representation of cats, but most often pertain to themes of childhood, innocence, role-playing, and the relationships between humans and animals.

A recent online exhibition from the collection challenges viewers to think about what is or is not included in the definition of a “rare book,” and why people create and collect “cute” books.

Click on the link to read about the KOSCHKA ‘ZINE III submission guidelines. For more information on Kaitlin Kostus and her work, click here.