Letterpress is Popping Up Everywhere…

Hannah King (InterArts Book and Paper MFA 2013) is the latest InterArts/CBPA alum to acquire her own letterpress, and having it right in her home means that now the sky’s the limit on how much printing she can do.


King has maintained a sporadic presence on Etsy for a few years under the name of “Made by Good.” But with clear skies ahead and unlimited access to ink and type, she’s getting her online store stocked up, and sales back up to speed. “Now that I have my Kelsey Excelsior tabletop press in working order, my Etsy store is really back in business, and my work is getting the attention and production time it deserves!” says King. “Having my own press lets me make things at home anytime I want. Being in charge of my means of production has been incredible—I just don’t want to stop making things!”


Since bringing the press home and up and running, Hannah has been designing thoughtful and witty printed pieces, including holiday cards, general greetings, and handmade journals/sketchbooks. Among her recent pieces is the Blank Books and Swimsuits set. Each of the three booklets in the set was sewn and folded by hand, with deckle-edged interior pages. The set case closes with a ribbon that wraps around multiple times, and is lined with images from 1973 issues of Life magazine. This interesting and open-ended collector’s item is just waiting to be filled with stories, poems, sketches, or just about anything that is not a water-based medium.


To see more of Hannah’s work, click here.