Creative Writing & InterArts Collaboration Showing Work in Progress at Friday Salon

For the past two months, a group of ten Columbia College graduate students from the Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Writing departments have met to discuss and explore various starting points for activating the C33 gallery space in a way that invites public engagement with the arts, and that investigates the collaborative process as a means for producing art. With the introductory exhibition in the C33 gallery space next spring, we hope to begin what will be an ongoing exploratory process that takes place both inside and outside the C33 gallery space for the duration of the spring semester.

The 33 East Congress Parkway building has a phenomenal gallery space in its northeastern corner we seek to revitalize as a work and exhibition space for a collaborative exchange between visual artists and writers. We were given the opportunity to use this space for the duration of the spring 2014 semester by Columbia’s Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces. Creative backgrounds run the gamut from poetry to paper making, film, dance, performance, and sound.

We Become Each Other’s Unmakers challenges spatial assumptions, invisible boundaries, and the consumption of media and text by recontextualizing the functionality of social, political, and architectural spaces. The work featured in the exhibition will be initially created from materials reappropriated from fellow graduate collaborators and will be subject to ongoing re/un-makings, in order that an initial piece might allow for the production of several various (re)iterations throughout the exhibition, including sound, new media, performance, poetry, handmade paper, and print. The pieces, as they undergo the processes of transition and modification, will serve to document the progression of ideas, tensions, and structures inherent in all collaborative efforts.

Please come to a salon hosted by the InterArts department this Friday, December 6th from 7-9pm in The Raw Space at 1104 S. Wabash, 2nd floor. Current projects will be presented, and your feedback will be especially helpful as we navigate this new space.